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Georgia's Official Transportation History Museum is honoring the people who built, operated, maintained & preserved the history transportation with a transportation history Wall of Honor

It is our goal for this wall of honor to include the people from all over the world who worked behind the scenes in the transportation industry to assure service and safety as well as those whose jobs were more visible to the public. You can be a sponsor to honor: Family, Friends, Employees, Co-Workers, Retirees, Organization Members, and others who have been part of our nation's transportation history.

We invite you to join us - become a sponsor
Georgia's Official Transportation History Museum, the Southeastern Railway Museum, has established a perpetual Wall of Honor dedicated to the men and women who built, operated, and maintained all of the transportation systems that have made this country prosper and those who have helped preserve the history of transportation.

The Wall of Honor contains individual plaques dedicated to the men and women who have worked in every phase of the Transportation Industry.

This Wall of Honor is a lasting tribute to each honoree. The names on the wall are being viewed by thousands of people from all over the world as they visit Georgia's Official Transportation History Museum - the Southeastern Railway Museum.

We are seeking sponsors to honor additional people in transportation and those who have helped preserve the history of transportation. We invite you to honor the contributions these people have made as you help us preserve their history.

Who we are
The Southeastern Railway Museum has been in operation for over 35 years in the Atlanta area. In 1999 we were declared the Official State of Georgia Transportation History Museum. In it's lifetime, the museum has evolved from a small roadside train museum to a world class transportation museum with thousands of visitors from all over the world each year. Now situated on over 30 acres, our museum currently has; two major exhibit buildings, a transportation library, a gift shop, facilities for special events, and we also have a large building in use for the restoration and maintenance of our collection. Our growing collection is evolving from just historical railway cars to include all modes of transportation including people movers, trolleys, buses and much more.

We provide our guests with an in-depth transportation history experience. We plan to grow in size and service.


Why we need your help
Our museum is totally operated by volunteers dedicated to preserving our transportation heritage. We receive no ongoing state or other government funding. The cost of protecting, restoring, displaying and maintaining our collection is growing each year. We require funds to acquire transportation artifacts today to prevent their destruction in the future and to grow as a world class museum. We need support to provide an outreach to the community at large to help educate people about the important role transportation plays in all our lives.


Please help us preserve Transportation History. Honor the people who built, operated and maintained the transportation systems that are the strength of this country - become a Wall of Honor Sponsor today

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