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Southeastern Railway Museum is establishing a Wall of Honor

Jan 26, 2004
For Immediate Release (Duluth, Ga.).

Georgia’s Official Transportation History Museum, The Southeastern Railway Museum, is establishing a Wall of Honor dedicated to all of the men and women who built, operated, and maintained all of the transportation systems that have made this country prosper and those who have helped preserve the history of transportation. We are seeking individuals who have had family, friends and co-workers in any part of the transportation industry as sponsors.

This Wall of Honor will be a lasting tribute to each honoree. The Wall of Honor will contain individual plaques dedicated to the men and women who have worked in every phase of the Transportation Industry. The names on the wall will be viewed by thousands of people from all over the world as they visit Georgia’s Official Transportation History Museum; The Southeastern Railway Museum.

Please help us preserve Transportation History and honor the people who built, operated and maintained the transportation systems that are the strength of this country. Funds raised go to preserve our community’s transportation history for generations to come.

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