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Norfolk Southern Corp. has donated signs, shop tools and furnishings from Pegram Shops in Atlanta for use in future museum exhibits.

Pegram was closed in 1999 as Norfolk Southern consolidated maintenance operations throughout the system.

Two of the buildings in the historic steam and diesel locomotive facility date back to the early 1880s when the shops were operated by the East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia Railroad. A roundhouse and turntable accompanied these buildings.

During that time, smoke from Pegram and other industries centered around Windsor and Love streets in south Atlanta causing the area to be called "Pittsburgh."

Southern Railway initially called the facility South Shops, later renaming it Pegram in honor of retired vice president Robert B. Pegram.

During 1925, a new 120,000 square foot locomotive repair shop was built by Southern Railway, and the original buildings eventually became the motor shop, and were still in use as such when the facility was closed.

PEGRAM1.jpg (79,817 bytes)

Pegram Shops in November, 1983. Photograph courtesy of Jim Wrinn. 1983 by Jim Wrinn.

PEGRAM2.jpg (71554 bytes)

Southeastern Railway Museum volunteers at Pegram's Windsor Street entrance last fall after a tour of the facility. From left to right, Paul Grether, Malcolm Campbell, Lesa Campbell, Larry Dyer, Bill Purdie, and Randy Pirkle. Photograph by Dale Grice. 2000 by Dale Grice.

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