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Status as of  Fall 2007
Atlanta & West-Point #290 Shopped for cosmetic restoration
Savannah & Atlanta #750 Permanent Exhibit
Southern 1509 Maud Stored
Georgia Power #97 Undergoing Operational overhaul
Estimated cost $250,000.

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Gainesville Midland #203 Exhibit
Campbell Limestone #9 Exhibit
Chattahoochee Valley #21 Stored - undergoing cosmetic restoration
NCR Dayton Stored

Atlanta & West-Point #290 4-6-2 Heavy Pacific
Built 1926, Lima. Driving wheels: 73 inches. This Heavy Pacific powered the Crescent passenger train from Atlanta to Montgomery during its years of service with the Atlanta & West Point Railroad. Last service with New Georgia Railroad (excursions) during the 1980s. Featured in Fried Green Tomatoes.
Savannah & Atlanta #750 4-6-2 Light Pacific
Built 1910 by American Locomotive Company (ALCO) for Key West extension of Florida East Coast Railway. Driving wheels: 69 inches. This Light Pacific was sold to the Savannah and Atlanta Railway in 1935 when a hurricane destroyed major bridges between the Keys. Operated during early days of Southern's steam excursion program. Last in service with New Georgia Railroad (excursions) during the 1980s. Featured in Biloxi Blues. Donated 1962.
Southern #1509 Maud 0-4-4T Shop Goat
Built 1876 by Baldwin, for Washington City, Virginia Midland, and Great Southern Railway in Alexandria, Va., for passenger service. Original wheel arrangement: 4-6-0. Current wheel arrangement: 0-4-4, Forney type. Through merger, came under ownership of Richmond and Danville Railroad in 1881. Served as "shop goat" for Southern Railway's Pegram maintenance facility in Atlanta, shunting equipment between storage and repair areas. Last Southern Railway steam engine to operate in Atlanta, and one of the few ex-Southern steam engines still in existence.


Georgia Power #97 0-6-0T
Built in 1943 by Porter for the Army Corps of Engineers as #5050. Oil-burning, side-tank 0-6-0. Later used by Georgia Power Company during building of Plant McDonough. Donated 1965.
Gainesville Midland #203 2-10-0 Decapod
Built 1928, Baldwin, for Alabama, Tennessee & Northern. Driving wheels: 52 inches. Donated by Seaboard to the city of Athens; later donated by Athens to the Atlanta Chapter NRHS. In service on Chapter's first excursion trip in September, 1959.
Campbell Limestone #9 Heisler
Built 1924 by Heisler for Kentucky Lumber Company. Coal-burning, two-truck geared locomotive was later acquired by Campbell Limestone, Beverly, S.C.


Campbell Limestone Co. Picnic (above)

Below -- At SRM summer 2007

Chattahoochee Valley #21 2-8-0 Consolidation
Built 1924 by Baldwin for Tennessee, Alabama & Georgia Railway passenger service. Consolidation 2-8-0; originally numbered 201. Sold to Chattahoochee Valley Railroad in 1935; in service until 1946; in standby service until 1961.
National Cash Register Dayton 0-4-0 Fireless Cooker
Built 1913, Lima, for use in National Cash Register's Dayton, Ohio, plant. "Fireless Cooker" of type used in manufacturing plants requiring clean environment. Pressurized with steam from a boiler outside of the manufacturing area; generates no smoke during operation. Donated 1965.


New Georgia Railroad #WT52 Auxillary Water Tender
L&N #JLDX55 Auxiliary Water Tender
L&N #1966 Coal & Water Tender
Class M-1, for Berkshire-type locomotive. Cast steel water bottom with integral frame.

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