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RPO/Baggage Car Roster


Status as of  Spring 2013
SOU 153 In use as museum library space
SOU 1701 Grand Junction Open as Exhibit
SOU 116 Stored pending restoration
SOU 451 In use as  museum library
SOU 582 Stored pending restoration
SOU 4529 Now in use for museum event rental space
SOU 6457 Stored pending restoration
CofG 405 In use as library / archives storage

Southern Railway #153 U.S. Railway Post Office
Built 1928, Bethlehem Steel. Car is half post office, half baggage compartment. Mail compartment side doors are equipped with steel catcher arms so a mail pouch can be picked up from trackside crane without stopping or slowing train. Ran on Cincinnati-Jacksonville passenger train Royal Palm between Atlanta and Jacksonville. Donated 1968.

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Southern Railway #1701 Grand Junction U.S. Railway Post Office
Built 1941, Pullman, for passenger train Tennessean. All cars named after cities on the train's route. RPO section is 60'. Baggage compartment is 20'. Lightweight. Donated 1970.

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Southern #116 Baggage Car
Built 1922, Pullman. Length: 60ft. The star beside the number indicates that this is a staffed car called a "messenger," and, as such, has a restroom on board.
Southern #451 Baggage Car
Converted from Pullman tourist sleeper. #6031 in 1954.
Southern #582 Baggage Car
Built 1920, Pullman, as 12 section, one drawing room sleeper "Benburb." Downgraded to tourist sleeper #2438 in 1942. Converted to baggage car 1948. Donated 1972.
Southern #4529 Baggage Car
Built 1918, Pullman, for NO&NE, as 12 section, 1 drawing room sleeper "Dorado." Downgraded to tourist sleeper #3009 in 1937. Converted to baggage car 1955. Donated 1971.
Southern #6457 Baggage Car
Built 1926, Pullman, as tourist sleeper Point Noire. Converted by Southern to baggage express car in 1950s and assigned to GS&F.
Central of Georgia #405 Baggage Car
Built by Pullman, 1916, as a cavalry horse carrier. Converted to a baggage car then to a commissary car. Donated 1968. photo
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