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Status as of Spring 2013
Seaboard Coast Line #301 Superb Open as exhibit in building 1
Atlantic Coast Line Washington Club Open as exhibit in building 1
Southern #3168 Diner Open exhibit
Southern #3780 / New Georgia #1104 Open Exhibit
Southern #812 Charlottesville Open exhibit in building 2
Southern #1212 Open exhibit
Southern #2449 Thomas Ruffin Stored pending restoration
Southern #1065 Stored pending restoration
Southern #1078 Open exhibit
Central of Georgia #527 Stored pending restoration
Central of Georgia #651 / New Georgia 1111 Exhibit, shopped for maintenance
Central of Georgia #662 On lease to TVRM for their Hiawassee River Adventures trips. Please visit for more information
Atlantic Coast Line #307 Open as exhibit in building 2
Southern Railway #2019 Tugalo River Open as exhibit in building 2
Amtrak 2092 Stored
Wabash 1601 Privately owned, open Exhibit.

Seaboard Coast Line #301 Superb Private Car
Built 1911, Pullman. Second-oldest steel private car in existence. Occasionally used by President Woodrow Wilson. In 1923, used by President Warren Harding for cross-country tour; later carried his casket in funeral train from San Francisco to Washington, D.C. Temporarily renamed Pope Pius XI in 1926 Cardinals' Train from New York to Chicago. Ran as office car for C&WC (#101), ACL (#101), SCL (#301). Heavyweight; original floor plan. Donated by SCL 1967.
Atlantic Coast Line Washington Club Sleeper Lounge with Sunroom
Built 1930, Pullman. Premier-class sleeper with 8 sections, lounge, kitchen, sun room. Originally assigned to Union Pacific's Portland Rose; purchased in 1948 by Atlantic Coast Line. Appears to be sole survivor of 35 Pullman-built club cars with sun rooms. Heavyweight; original floor plan and fixtures. Donated 1961.
Southern #3168 Diner
Built 1926, Pullman. Original seating capacity 36. Rebuilt 1948 by Southern to 48-seat cafe-style service. Original kitchen intact. Heavyweight. Donated 1971.
Southern #3780 Passenger Coach
Built 1922, Pullman, for CNO&TP (Cincinnati, New Orleans, and Texas Pacific). Seats 72. Original interior has been preserved, including "walkover" seats which have moveable backs. Ex-New Georgia Railroad 1104. Donated 1959. Heavyweight.
Southern #812 Charlottesville Passenger Coach
Built 1940, Pullman, for passenger train Tennessean. All cars named after cities on the train's route. Seats 56. Lightweight. Donated 1968.
Southern #1212 Passenger Coach
Built 1917, Pullman. Seats 44. Modified 1940 into partitioned configuration for use during segregation years. Heavyweight; original number 1564. Donated 1968.
Southern #2449 Thomas Ruffin 10-2-1 Sleeper
Built 1929, Pullman, for the Crescent Limited. Originally built with 10 sections (upper & lower berths) and two drawing rooms. Modified to current configuration of 10 sections, two bedrooms, one drawing room in 1935. Heavyweight.
Southern #1065 Heavyweight Coach
Southern #1078 Heavyweight Coach
Built 1922, Pullman. Seats 46. Modernized by Southern 1935 and 1955. Heavyweight; original number 1671. Donated 1971.
Central of Georgia #527 Passenger Coach
Built 1924, Pullman. Operated on interline name trains Flamingo, Dixie Limited, and Seminole. Partitioned for segregated travel in the South. Heavyweight. Donated 1966.
Central of Georgia #651 Passenger Coach
Built 1937, Bethlehem Steel. Seats 66. Ran in joint service with Illinois Central on Chicago-Florida trains. Sole survivor of type. Ex-New Georgia Railroad 1111. Lightweight. Donated 1968.
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Central of Georgia  #662 (aka SMRX 662) Passenger Coach
Built 1947, American Car & Foundry, for service on Central of Georgia's Nancy Hanks II. Lightweight.
Atlantic Coast Line #307 Business Car
Built 1924, Pullman, as combination baggage/smoker named Indian River for service on Canadian National. Converted to office car by Atlantic Coast Line. Heavyweight.
Southern Railway #2019 Tugalo River 10-6 Sleeper
Built 1949, Pullman Standard. One of 46 ten roomette, six bedroom sleeper cars built for the Crescent passenger train. All cars in this lot were named for rivers along the Crescent's route. The Tugalo River was the only 10-6 sleeper retained by the Southern, then Norfolk Southern, when operation of the Crescent was assumed by Amtrak in 1979. It ran primarily on railroad directors' specials until sold to the New Georgia Railroad in 1989. Purchased by the Southeastern Railway Museum in 1997.
Amtrack #2092 Slumbercoach
Built by Budd in 1959, for NYC (20th Century Limited) as the Loch Arkaig (10802). 24 Single/8 Double A number of cars built for the NYC during this period were named after Lochs . Sold to CB&Q in 1964 (along with a group of half a dozen other Slumbercoaches). Renumbered 335 Became part of the BN/NP family as the results of mergers. Became Amtrak 2033 and then renumbered to 2092.

For more information on slumber coaches, please see the attached PDF reproduction of Sleep Cheap! from the Summer 2006 issue of NRHS Bulletin This article is provided with permission of the National Railway Historical Society and should not be redistributed or reporduced without their permission

Wabash 1601 Dome/Parlor Observation Car
The Wabash 1601 was built in 1950 by the Budd Co. for the Wabash Blue Bird that ran between St Louis and Chicago. There was only one trainset and it made a round trip each day. It was set up as a Parlor car, since it was a day train. For more information on the Blue Bird trainset and some of the other Wabash cars click here opens in a new window

This car and other domes from the Blue Bird trainset are owned by a private individual in the Atlanta area who has agreed to allow us to open 1601 as an exhibit at the museum.

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