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MOW Equipment

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Maintenance-of-Way Equipment


Status as of Spring 2008
Seaboard Bunk Car F70413 On exhbit in bldg 1
Chattahoochee Valley #522 On exhibit outside
Jordan Spreader #JX635 On exhibit outside
Western of Alabama #20 On exhibit outside

Seaboard #F70413 Bunk Car, Wood
Built c. 1930 by Seaboard. Mobile "home" for track maintenance workers. Contains coal stove, shower, ice box, and space for six bunks. Wood.
Chattahoochee Valley #522 Flat car with Burrow Crane
Built by Industrial BrownHoist. Used in light maintenance of way service.
Jordan Spreader #JX635  
Used to spread the ballast that supports ties and rails. "Wings" smooth the track edges or can cut drainage ditches along track sides. 
Western of Alabama #20 Pile Driver, Steam
Built 1929 by Industrial BrownHoist. Pile Driver has 33" wheels and a tractive effort of 8000 lbs. The tender (WofA #7302) carries 12 tons of coal and 7000 gallons of water. Also includes WofA #7001, Boom Car.

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