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Freight Cars

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Freight Cars

Status as of  Fall 2008
Central of Georgia #11403 Stored. Used as storage for locomotive NCR Dayton
DODX 38416 Available to view, storing turntable "bridge"
Southern 117092 Stored. Used as storage for boiler for Georgia Power #97
Southern 74745 Exhibit
Norfolk Southern NS993359MW Available to view
L & N 40605 Exhibit
Western Union 3558-AB Stored pending restoration
Fruit Growers Expres 55558 Exhibit
Norfolk & Western 99984 Available to view
Southern 900097 Available to view, in use for storage
Southern 291069 Available to view
Southern 33309 Available to view, in use for storage
Seaboard Air Line Available to view, used for storage
Atlantic Coast Line 27052 Stored.
Chattahoochee Valley RR box cars Multiple in use for storage some viewable.

Freight Car Roster

Central of Georgia #11403 Bulkhead Flat Car
Built 1965 by Thrall Manufacturing, Chicago. Bulkhead Flat Cars primarily carry pallets of materials such as plywood, sheet metal, ingots, and brick. Donated 1996.
DODX #38416 Flat Car
Built 1953. Capacity: 200,000 lbs. Designed to transport two tanks. Currently in use as boom car for crane.
Southern #117092 Flat Car
One of 500 similar cars built during 1926 in Southern's own shops. Designed to handle heavy lading. Donated 1963.
Southern #74745 Hopper
Built 1966. Three bays. Open hoppers carried bulk commodities such as coal, grain, wood chips, or rock.
NS993359MW Coal Hopper
ex-Norfolk & Western 94309. Built 1964 by Norfolk & Western's Roanoke shops, class H11A. Ran exclusively in coal service for N&W (later NS) until 1994 when it was assigned to maintenance of way ballast service after extensive washouts in Central Georgia. Three bays. Cubic feet: 3418 level, 3785 heaped. Load limit: 201,000 lbs.
L&N #40605 Milk Car
Contains two stainless steel tanks. Donated 1993.

This car is currently being restored. We have uncovered a "H.P. Hood and Sons" paint scheme and we plan to repaint the car using that original scheme.

Western Union #3558-AB Tool Car, Wood
Built c. 1930. Wood. Used as part of special Western Union work trains to maintain extensive network of trackside poles and lines. Donated 1966.
Fruit Growers Express #55558 Refrigerator Car, Wood
Built c. 1940. Privately-owned by Fruit Growers Express for shipment of their produce. Two bunkers at either end of the car hold blocks of ice, keeping the interior cool. Wood.
Norfolk and Western #99984 Gondola
Class G-1 gondola built by Virginia Bridge Works in 1940. Donated in 1963. Cubic feet: 1357. Weight, unloaded: 41,600.
Southern #900097 Gondola
Built 1938. Cubic feet: 1770. Capacity: 100,000 lbs. Gondolas transport coal, iron, steel, and other heavy lading which does not require covered protection. Prior to 1950, high-sided gondolas were often used to transport coal.
Southern #291069 Gondola
Built 1958.
Southern #33309 Box Car
Built 1965. Cubic feet: 5020. Weight, unloaded: 56,400 lbs.
Seaboard Airline #9028 Box Car
Built 1926 by Pressed Steel Car Co. as gondola. Rebuilt into box car in 1936 by SAL. Donated 1965.
Atlantic Coast Line #27052 Box Car
One of 230 class 0-16-D cars ordered by ACL. Built 1926 by Pressed Steel Car Co. Donated 1965.
Chattahoochee Valley #1010, #1011, #9012, #9014, #98703, #98705, #98707, #98708 Box Cars
Each box car was previously owned by other rail lines and built between 1957 and 1969. These cars were purchased from Chattahoochee Valley Railroad for museum storage.
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