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Diesel Locomotives

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Status as of  Fall 2007
Southern #8202 Operational
Southern #2594 Leased to TVRM for additional power on their Hiawassee River Rail Adventures. Visit for more information about these trips.
Southern #6901 Permanent Exhibit
Southern FT B-unit #960604 Exhibit
Armco Steel #B-70 Stored pending restoration
Hartwell #2 Shopped for major mechanical overhaul
New York, Ontario, and Western #104 Operational, normal power for train ride
Georgia Railroad #1026 Exhibit

Southern #8202 SW-7
Built c. 1950 by EMD for Georgia Southern, & Florida Railroad. Previously numbered 1100 and used for yard switching until 1981.
Southern #2594 GP-30
Built by EMD c. 1962, with "high nose" specific to the Southern. Sixteen cylinders, 2250-HP. Donated 1993.
Southern #6901 E8
Built in 1951 by the Electro-Motive Division of General Motors. Routinely powered the Atlanta-Washington D.C. portion of the famous Crescent passenger train. Was lead engine when operation of the Crescent formally changed from the Southern Railway to Amtrak in 1979. Originally numbered 2924.
Southern FT B-unit #960604 Steam Heat & Trainline Power
Constructed as complement to the full diesel locomotive ("A" unit), these "B" units are essentially locomotives without cabs. Originally containing both diesel engines and steam generators (for passenger car heating), this unit has been modified to hold only steam generation equipment.
Armco Steel #B-70 Baldwin-Westinghouse Box-cab
Built 1929, Baldwin-Westinghouse, for Butler Works of ARMCO Steel. Third diesel locomotive built by Baldwin-Westinghouse; first sold commercially; oldest Baldwin-built diesel still in existence. Has Pyrex windows to withstand steel mill temperatures. Originally had control cab on each end but both were later placed on the same end to accommodate a larger prime mover. Donated 1963.


Hartwell #2 GE 44-ton
Built 1950 by General Electric for the Hartwell (Georgia) Railroad.
New York, Ontario, and Western #104 (formerly Hartwell #5) GE 44-ton
Built 1941 by General Electric for the New York, Ontario & Western Railroad as #104. The museum staff completed a cosmetic restoration of the locomotive in 2005.

Here's the engine's previous paint scheme 

Georgia Railroad #1026 EMD GP 7
Acquired by the museum in 2004 from Tennessee Valley Railway Museum, the locomotive was repainted to it's original 1950 paint scheme before being delivered in January 2006

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