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Status as of  Spring 2013
Southern #2156 Exhibit
Southern XC 7871 Operational, in use on museum train ride.
Georgia RR #2866 Exhibit off display, in shop for restoration
Georgia RR #2849 Stored pending restoration
Central of Georgia X92 Exhibit
Hartwell #4 Stored pending restoration
Norfolk and Western #500837 Exhibit off display, in shop for restoration
Clinchfield RR #1064 Operational, in use on museum train ride.
Seaboard #01077 Exhibit

Caboose Roster

Southern #2156 Cupola, Wood
Built 1915 by Southern Railway. Wood.
Southern #XC7871 Transfer
Built 1950s. Used to transport men and materials to work sites. Donated 1980.
Georgia #2866 Bay-window, steel
Converted from a box car during World War II, this bay window caboose was used to carry passengers in mixed train service on Augusta-Athens branch line. Steel.
Georgia #2849 Steel-braced wood, former box-car
Built 1941 during World War II steel shortage by the Georgia Railroad's shops. Frame and ends are from an otherwise rusted-out 1923 box car; 2" x 6" boards are attached to the inside of the frame. Donated 1972.
Central of Georgia #X92 Cupola, Wood
Built 1916 as ventilated box car. Converted to caboose in 1942 by Central of Georgia's Macon (Ga.) shops. Wood. Donated 1970.
Hartwell #4 (former B&O) Cupola, Wood
Built c. 1930 for Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Wood.
Norfolk and Western #500837 (ex-P&WV #837) C-19 Cupola, Steel
Built 1940 for Pittsburg & West Virginia Railway as #837. Class C19. Acquired by Norfolk & Western 1964. Donated 1989.
Clinchfield Railroad #1064 (ex-Monon #81515) Cupola, Steel
Built 1952 by Thrall as one of several experimental units for the Louisville, New Albany & Chicago Railway (Monon). Later ran on L&N as #915. This unit replaced Clinchfield's original #1064 which was lost in a fire. Donated 1985.
Seaboard System #01077 M-6 Cupola, Steel
Re-built 1970. Class M6. Steel.
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